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Tic Tac Toe Working Memory Game

Now I’m not here to judge and this is purely my opinion.  We all have to embrace technology because lets face it, it’s not going away.

However, with the progression of technology there has been a big shift in education and many of the teaching methods used in the past are no longer used in classrooms.  Things like copying from the board and dictation have made way for Smartboards and iPads.
However because these activities have been put on the bench, I believe it is also changing the way our children are now learning.  The ability to hold information in your working memory and then write it down or manipulate a maths problem is a skill that is not being practiced.  For example some of you may remember the teacher writing up paragraphs on the board and you had to remember the sentence then write it down before they rubbed the top sentence away to make room for the next.  Alternatively, a teacher would dictate sentences to the class to write down in their workbooks.  In my experience teaching, these techniques are no longer being used and so children are not strengthening their working memory.

So, what is working memory you may be asking.  Basically, it is the brains ability to hold/retain information (ie. short term memory).  Without a strong working memory students tend to be slower at completing tasks, struggle to follow instructions and find things such as word problems in maths a bit difficult.

With that in mind, I’ve created a video which uses and exercises that part of the brain associated with holding information. It’s a great activity to assist students to learn number patterns and tables.

WARNING this activity can cause sibling rivalry which may result in yelling and tantrums.
Enjoy and remember to let your child win sometimes.


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