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7 Tips To Get Your Child To Enjoy Reading

 Below is a list of strategies with unique techniques to help you get fussy readers through the constant reading battle.
1.  The Fact Is – Good Readers Read
Use those incidental moments that pop up to get your child involved in reading. Involve them in cooking and reading recipes, reading shopping lists, instructions or my favourite -read a movie.  For instance, Diary of a Whimpy Kid was a book series first before it was a movie.
Oh, I almost forgot, switch off the sound and get your child to read the subtitles on their favourite movie.
2.   Read To Others
Let’s face it, having mum looking over your shoulder every night and picking out your mistakes is not ideal.  It can lead to children rapidly losing motivation to read.
So have your child read to a varied audience like family, friends and neighbours via the phone, Skype and Facetime.  Not only do the kids make new connections and build stronger bonds but they get fresh perspectives on their reading, (also gives you a little time for you).
3.   Listen To Themselves Read
This is one of the biggest tricks to help improve fluency.
So, get your iPad, phone , or whatever you have that will record your child reading.  Then have them follow along while listening to the recording.  EASY!!
4.   Familiar Text
Your child’s teachers have probably already told you this one.  Reading the same book several times helps your child feel a sense of accomplishment when they read it well.  It doesn’t have to be books, familiar songs are a good way to improve reading and also exercise many parts of the brain.
5.   Modelled Reading
This one is a fun one.
Get yourself a special reading chair where mum, dad and brothers or sisters can “ham it up”- a little like they are on stage. Awesome for improving expression and reading aloud.
6.   Learn The 300 Most Commonly Used Words
This list of words is in 50-70% of everything we read.  So, by learning these words inside and out, reading becomes more fluent and comprehension improves because they are not having to decode 50% of the words they are reading.
Click here for a copy of The 300 Most Commonly Used Words
7.   Use Different Mediums
Comics, newspapers, magazines, online stories or my favourite – interactive stories on the iPad (search the App store for your child’s favourite stories).
So, there is a lot to implement here, but you don’t have to use these techniques everyday.  Try doing one a week and see which works best for your child.
Once you find the technique that they like, make that routine (do on the same day at the same time).
You don’t have to do it all yourself, remember to share the load with grandparents.  They love it and it gets them more involved.  Breakup the routine for your own sanity. Don’t keep doing the same thing every night and expect to get different results. Use the KISS principle- “Keep It Simple Supermum”.
We hope you find these techniques useful.

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