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Focus On The Awesome Rather Than Dwell On The Past

It is often OUR focus and beliefs that can hold our kids back.

I recently had a conversation with a mum whose child was changing schools.

She was telling me that her daughter didn’t read well, hated math, lacked focus, was bullied and had no friends. So, her solution was to change schools this year.

The conversation very quickly changed from positive to negative.

“We are changing schools so she can make new friends, but what if she gets bullied again?”

“At the new school, they run a great reading program, but what if she still struggles?”

“What if we get to the new school and nothing changes?”

You get the picture.

She was focusing on what could go wrong, instead of what could go right.

This is what many people do, which then leaves an expectation that the worst is more likely to happen.

Our kids are great at mimicking our beliefs.

Kids need to feel they’re successful. The emphasis being on FEEL.

As parents, we can help by simple questioning.

Try using questions like;

“How is it going to feel when you are enjoying school this year?”
“What things are you going to do with your new friends this year?”
“What books are you most looking forward to enjoying in grade …?”

All of these examples are focusing on the awesome, rather than dwelling on past experiences.

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