So you want to help your child to improve their reading, their understanding, learn how to focus, to articulate things better right? I know you do duh! That’s why you are here right? Well good thing you made it to this page then. I have put together a lot of goodies for my clients and a select handful of them are so good i wanted to share them with you for FREE! Yep. Zero cost.

Just click on the link of the free thing you want, pop your details in and I’ll send them over to you.


I speak to a lot of Mums and a common question I get asked is “How can I help reduce my child’s anxiety”.  It breaks my heart to hear about anxious kids.  It seems like stress and anxiety is becoming an epidemic in our society, so here are some helpful tips which just might make your life a little bit calmer.




So, it’s school pick up or you’ve got home from work and you ask your child, “How was your day today?” and all you get as a response is “Good”. Click Here to get these awesome questions you could ask to help get your child talking about their day.





Ok. It’s time to grant our kids the opportunity to contribute don’t you think? Allow them to step up, try, fail, and try again until they get it right. I reckon its hard keeping track of who is responsible for what. So we use this handy little check-list. You can get your copy sent to you straight away. Grab it here





This is a great literacy game that teaches your child Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives through creation of very silly sentences.
You can get your copy of this game here.




primary-school-checklistIf you are unsure whether your child really is experiencing difficulty reading, writing, comprehending or focusing.
Check out this check-list.





It’s a quick spelling game that can be played with mum or dad brother or sister. Playing this game promotes decoding strategies and vocabulary, while also having a bit of fun. Click Here to get it now.





This video is a tip to help explain spelling using the “Magic E” trick. Grab it now here.





improve-childs-handwriting-techniqueThis video is a quick technique to help your child hold their pencil correctly to improve handwriting.
Get access to this simple but effective tip here




These math activities are designed to help kids learn the basics while playing their favourite working-memory-tic-tac-toegame.

If you can’t beat them join them. Click Here to receive the activities.



Writing is AWESOME for the brain. Here are a number of things to do at home that encourages writing and performance. Click Here To Grab the Tips.




Something a little different to stop your child being bullied and become resilient.

Click Here to download.




Something quick and easy to put on the fridge and make the holidays or weekend a no-brainer when stuck with what to do.

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This 30 day challenge is designed to put the enjoyment back into reading. These activities help break negative habits and give you some great ideas to help mix it up.

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A quick game you can play at home to help establish the ‘Friends Of 10’

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