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Let’s Talk About Excuses

stress-mother-running lateSound Familiar? I’ll be the first to admit I’m one of these mums sometimes. Life just gets in the way and I’m just trying to do my best and survive another day.

We are all great at making excuses and telling ourselves “it’s just too hard to do [fill in the blank] at the moment”

It is VERY easy to make excuses for not doing things. It is something I’m trying REALLY hard to stop doing. It makes me feel like I’m trying to justify why I’m not doing a good job when it comes to my life- by playing the “blame game”.

A perfect example of this, some of the mums I speak to everyday know how much their child is struggling at school.  They are determined that this year is going to be the one where they find the solution for their child.

But then their self-talk kicks in and the excuses come into play:-

Let’s just get over Christmas first and we’ll look at it before school goes back”…. Then

I’ll just pay for new school uniforms, books, fees, etc. and then we will do something” …. Then

We will just wait until they settle into the new school year first and then we will get started on finding that  solution”…. Then

Oh well, the Term is nearly over and then we have Easter, so we will just wait until we get past that and then….”

AND SO IT GOES, ON AND ON and suddenly another year has gone by and things are still the same, or in some cases worse.

The thing is, when it comes to some decisions we have to make in life, there is never a perfect time.


There is never a good time to start either, my solution is simply jump in and give it my best.

When it comes to making changes to “fix” our lives, the hardest thing I find is being aware of the changes initially until it becomes habit, and then maintaining motivation can get a bit tricky.

I don’t know about you, but I always try the clichéd making my new year’s resolutions. But to be perfectly honest, they usually fall by the wayside by February.

What I decided to do this year was to find a quiet place and think about what it is I want/need this year for myself, as well as my family. Then, I wrote them down, along with some timelines to achieve these goals and possible ways to meet them. Writing stuff gives it more importance and makes it a bit more REAL.

So, I then got the family involved. We all sat down together and, with the help of a bunch of old magazines and Google Images, we put together pictures of things we all really want/need. So basically we came up with some family goals for 2016.

We then used the pictures to create our “Family Vision Board” and discussed what we were going to do to make these things happen. By having everyone involved in this activity things seem more achievable, motivation is higher and everyone takes responsibility for meeting these goals.

Now obviously you have to set some boundaries. I don’t know about your kids, but mine can be a little bit unrealistic when it comes to this sort of thing. Perhaps you need to word it like “Okay, so we are going to plan a family holiday this year (somewhere in Australia), let’s all talk about things we like to do and work out where would be a good place to visit on our holiday”.

Once you are done, put your list or vision board somewhere you will all see it all the time. Use this as a reminder to meet these targets/goals throughout the year. Don’t dismiss them or make excuses.

PRIORITISE and take action to make them happen. Imagine how good you are going to feel when you actually meet the targets you have set.

So, I’ll leave you with some motivational quotes-

As Nike says “Just Do It

And if you choose to ignore my Blog (and Nike), then remember this little gem of wisdom:-


Thanks for reading. Now off you pop and get creative with YOUR list!!!

Written by Kim- Mr B’s Mrs

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