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Mind Renovations For Kids

For those that have been around a while you would have heard me talk about RAISING ABILITY & CONFIDENCE to help children feel successful and perform at a higher level.
Brain Plasticity takes care of the ability part, but sometimes when children don’t believe they can or have low confidence, it can hold them back.
It was about 7 years ago we started working with children (including our own) to help them get over these hurdles that are holding them back.
There are many techniques that we have used and trialed that can be implemented at home to help raise children’s confidence and get “their happy’s on”.
We have put some of these techniques into a short course, designed to create new positive habits and change negative mindset.
The MIND RENOVATIONS course is starting soon and we are a little excited.
The activities will help your child –
· Be aware that their words can harm themselves and others
· Be able to see other people’s points of view
· Re-framing negative language (I love the activity with this one)
· Become less anxious and overwhelmed
· Understand and communicate better with everyone
· Argue less
· Calm themselves
· Feel happier
Kids need to feel successful
“The average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day.
Of those, 80% are negative”.
We get what we focus on so if our focus is 80% negative, we will be programmed to feel crappy.
Imagine if we turned that percentage around and we were not one of the AVERAGE people. How amazing do you think that would feel?
It is my belief that these life skills should be taught in school. We need to set our children up to succeed in life, rather than programming them to compare themselves to others and not encourage their strengths.
That is what the “MIND RENOVATIONS” course is all about.
Click the link below, fill in the details and join this unique experience kicking off soon.
Click Here To Join-
Oh, just to let you know it is $197 ​for the course.

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