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Reading & Learning Go Hand In Hand

Reading and Learning go hand in hand


Let’s face it there are many more distractions for children these days than in the ‘OLDEN DAYS’ when I was at school. Reading can play second fiddle to iPads, computers, phones, starboards and gaming consoles.

Stimulating a love of reading is perhaps a harder job than it use to be.

In my experience,

“Children that love of reading, usually love learning. Children that struggle with reading, struggle with learning.”

Reading helps children build a much richer vocabulary, and improves comprehension visually, verbally and socially.  It helps their brain learn how to learn.

When we enjoy something, we do more of it, so help your children enjoy reading.

How do we help our kids develop a love for reading?

Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Fill their world with reading. Read to your child frequently.
  2. Create a family reading time where everyone focuses on reading for 20 minutes a day.
  3. Create opportunities for reading, by filling your home with reading materials (novels, posters, newspapers, magazines, etc.).  This creates an atmosphere of reading that will demonstrate to your child just how important reading is.
  4. Get creative and make it fun. Who says that reading has to be done the same way every day. I find some children can fall into certain habits and if their reading confidence is low, then they can become avoidant and reading for enjoyment becomes almost impossible. Try doing things differently, read on the trampoline, read to Grandma over Skype or Facetime, read under the blanket with a torch or sing the text.

Try the reading hack below it is a lot of fun,

  1. Rewire their brain for learning and reading. Every brain is different and some children are wired to learn and read faster than others. There are Brain Training activities that get to the core of reading and learning challenges. This is the single best way I have found, to change reading and learning in over 20 years of teaching. You can join our online training if you would like to know more.

A key to developing good readers, is to make reading fun – not frustrating. If a child decides that reading is boring or frustrating, they won’t want to read and their ability to learn will be diminished.

Let children pick their own books to read, help them read, and create activities for them that make reading fun. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to look into brain training.

Good Luck




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