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Thin Threads

Babies Who Would Have ’em

I remember when I was debating (or being told by my wife) that it’s time we had a child.  So, I did what every sensible true blue Aussie bloke would, and got advice from all my mates.  The general consensus was that it was the best thing they had ever done.

I tried to help them understand the financial and social ramifications that this undertaking would put on me, and how I was scared that I would get it wrong and RUIN a life (including mine!).  Unfazed, almost every one of them said “JUST DO IT” (no they didn’t work for NIKE).

So, with reservations and a sense that a little me in the world wouldn’t be that bad, we had a baby. It was a horrific birth and our baby boy almost died.  If not for the efforts of an amazing doctor, our baby would not have made it.  I then went through the most traumatic few weeks of my life.

Would I trade that mini series of horror for a different outcome?  NOT ON YOUR NELLIE!!!

What an amazing son and buddy he has turned out to be.  Every day I am thankful despite the stress involved and I love his every nuance’s.

Maybe I am little bias.  Don’t get me wrong there are times that he does really annoy me, but I guess kids are a little like farts- your own are tolerable, but everyone else’s are horrid.  Well, “horrid” is a bit harsh, but you get my drift.

What my little man went through at birth I think made him stronger in some ways, but may have left him with a slight learning delay.

Fortunately, I have the advantage of being a teacher and have researched and implemented a lot of different learning strategies.

So, by implementing some of these strategies, and with some hard work (mainly on his part), we were able to curb his learning deficit and he is now above average for reading and math’s.  He is more confident than I have ever seen him and bullies have stopped harassing him because of his new found assertiveness, confidence and belief in himself.

Surprisingly, at age 42 I find myself thinking about destiny, kismet and the thin threads that have lead me to a life of educational solutions.  Finding ways to help children when parents thought all was lost, is the biggest BUZZ in the world.  And this is one of the THIN THREADS that lead to myself and a couple of others starting a business that helps parents and struggling students overcome these stresses.

Anyway thanks for reading to the end.  Let’s catch up again soon.

Mr B – The Mind Master

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